Why does Business Loans Applications keep getting rejected?

Improper guidance and upkeep of Bank statements 

Improper presentation of Financials Documentations 

Director’s credit standings 

Lack know-how and network to present their company in a good light 

This isn’t good for Business Owners and result in Poor cash flow. Poor cash flow would result in: 

Employees not getting paid on time 

Can’t pay supplier/landlord on time 

Shortage on inventory

Missed Opportunity for Business Expansion 

At Bankchamps, we provide free consultation and advise to all SME Business Owners to let them have a better understanding: 

Higher Approval rates (we tie up with only with bankers with higher approval rates) 

Fuss free as we will handle all paper works and liaising for you 

We are confident hence our works are guaranteed. No approval = no fees

We aim to be your ideal partner to help your business grow in the long term

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