Unlocking Financial Success for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Bankchamps Pte Ltd

Founded on the firm belief that local SMEs are crucial cornerstones to Singapore’s economy; whereby they make up 99% of businesses, contribute to over 50% of national GDP and account for 70% of nation-wide employment, Bankchamps recognizes the predominant economic role of local SMEs. Thus, our corporate principals are built on the fundamental basis of forging long-term relationships with our clients.

We specialize in assisting Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) towards Loan applications to our panel of banks and financial institutions; and simultaneously provide customized business solutions tailored to each and every SME. With our collective expertise and strong network, Bankchamps is the ultimate business partner every SME can leverage on in pursuit of resilient and long-term corporate growth. Presently, Bankchamps possesses in-house consultants who are thoroughly and professionally trained to provide 1 to 1 personalized customer service for our clients. We also work with numerous alliance brokers and consultants to attain serving a wider market network of SMEs.

In essence, Bankchamps all-rounded understanding of the complete credit process is what translates into our high success rates for loan approvals.

Focus on Local SMEs:

Bankchamps recognizes the significance of local SMEs in Singapore’s economy, emphasizing that they make up a large portion of businesses, contribute significantly to the national GDP, and play a crucial role in employment.

Corporate Principals:

The core principles of Bankchamps revolve around building long-term relationships with its clients, indicating a commitment to supporting SMEs throughout their business journey.

Loan Assistance:

Bankchamps specializes in assisting SMEs with loan applications, connecting them with a panel of banks and financial institutions. This service aims to help SMEs secure the funding they need for their business operations and expansion.

Customized Business Solutions:

The institution offers customized business solutions tailored to the specific needs of each SME. This personalized approach suggests an understanding of the diverse challenges and requirements that SMEs may face.

Collective Expertise and Network:

Bankchamps prides itself on having a team with collective expertise and a strong network. This network includes in-house consultants and collaboration with alliance brokers and consultants, indicating a comprehensive approach to serving a wide market network of SMEs.

1-to-1 Personalized Customer Service:

Bankchamps highlights its commitment to personalized customer service, with in-house consultants providing one-on-one assistance to clients. This approach likely enhances the customer experience and ensures that clients receive tailored advice and support.

Complete Understanding of Credit Process:

Bankchamps claims to have an all-rounded understanding of the complete credit process, which is attributed to its high success rates for loan approvals. This suggests that the institution has a thorough knowledge of the factors influencing credit decisions and can guide clients effectively through the loan application process.


To be the market leader in SME financing, achieving unparalleled excellence in providing innovative funding solutions for businesses.


At Bankchamps, our mission is to be the leader in SME financing. We are committed to providing the right financial solution, tailored to their unique needs. Through a combination of expertise, experienced insights, and personalized service, we aim to be the trusted partner that propels SMEs to new heights.


Handled over
of funding (2003-2023)

Over 1,108 satisfied
SME clients

20 years
of SME financing

Vast Connection of over 25 Banks/Financial Institutions

Management team

Kevin Yu

Kevin comes from an illustrious career background with over a decade of experience in agency management in the insurance sector. A people person and highly driven, Kevin is a professional who exudes a warm and caring personality and takes great passion in serving the corporate finance industry. Having based overseas for some years during the course of his career, Kevin has garnered excellent business acumen in relation to foreign markets, and along with his 20 years of dedication and focus in the finance sector, he has made a mark for himself as a well engaged financial consultant. In the last 19 years of corporate consulting, Kevin and his team have assisted more than a thousand SMEs to successfully acquire financing through their strong network of 25 financial institutions, with a loan amount totalling more than $196 million.

William Lin

William has over 10 years of operational managerial experience managing different departments within SIA. Subsequently, he ventured into the banking industry managing both retail and SME banking. Over his next 8 years of career in the banking and SME lending industry, William has helped over 100 SME clients secured financing for their business growth. Currently William oversees in helping Bankchamps Pte Ltd to manage internal systems, explore new business growth and initiatives and training of consultants new to the SME lending trade.